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20 Money Saving Tips for Cruising With Your Tech

When traveling with your tech to a place where Internet is slow, very expensive or not available, there are precautions you should take to minimize frustration and expense. No matter if you are going on a cruise or travelling to a foreign country or just off the beaten path, if you are planning to take

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iPhone 5C: Plastic but not Plasticy

There has been a lot written about the iPhone 5C having a plastic candy-coloured shell. Sometimes I get the impression that the authors of these articles have either not actually held the iPhone 5C, or that they have never held any of the other plastic-cased cellphones either on the market or which have ever been

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Getting Hotmail IMAP to Work on a Mac

Microsoft finally implemented IMAP interface on a Hotmail (outlook.com, live.com, live.ca, etc.). Finally, they have caught up to the 21st century and implemented a mail system which is designed for a world where people have multiple devices.  They steadfastly refuse to implement CALDAV or CARDDAV, so no hope of syncing calenders or contacts though, even

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How to Skip the Windows 10 or (Windows 8) Login (No Password Required)

Note: These instructions are for Windows 8, but they work for Windows 7, Vista, and even Windows XP  to make them start-up without a password as well. On those other operating systems, the Windows key by itself brings up the menu, and you might be able to just skip to step 7.   Many people

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The Tech Potato Now Has a Pebble

It seems like over a year ago that I decided to fund the Pebble Smart Watch on Kickstarter (Oh wait… It was!). I made the choice to pick what appeared to be the flagship colour: “Cherry Red”. Having spent many years doing product engineering, I never expected the Pebbles to actually start shipping at the

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The Travelling Tech Potato

Travelling with your tech can provide you with enormous benefits, but at the same time poses significant challenges. This is especially true if you are travelling outside of your home region, to areas where data and cell connections are either prohibitively expensive or not available at all. Over the course of the next several weeks

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The Scariest Word to Click On

A recent report from McAfee claimed that “Emma Watson” is the most dangerous thing to click on when on-line. The report also goes on to claim that other celebrities, including Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, and even Jimmy Kimmel. The report claims that one out of eight times someone clicks on the name of

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Why is TechPotato.ca here?

Some people embrace technology because they want to. They absorb new technologies and incorporate it into their lives with ease. They rarely need to read the manuals, and can usually pick up a new technology and connect it to their world. Unfortunately, the people who design, manufacture, and sell new technology are picked from this

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Are You a Tech Potato?

Are you a tech potato? I’m sure you’ve seen them. Wandering down the street, only marginally aware of our surroundings, absorbed with one or more piece of technology. Smart-phones, tablets, bluetooth, music players, video players, gps — we’re stuck to computers, just like the desk potato of the 1990’s, but now the computer follows us

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New Year, New Brand

What is a “Tech Potato”? In 1992 I coined the term “Desk Potato” while designing a satellite receiver that displayed satellite TV in a window on a PC. After the Mosaic web browser was released in 1993, I started a site called  The Desk Potato home page talking about the shift to the desk from the

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