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Are You a Tech Potato?

Are you a tech potato?

I’m sure you’ve seen them. Wandering down the street, only marginally aware of our surroundings, absorbed with one or more piece of technology. Smart-phones, tablets, bluetooth, music players, video players, gps — we’re stuck to computers, just like the desk potato of the 1990’s, but now the computer follows us around.

Two decades ago, I published the Desk Potato Home Page, with a set of questions to see if you are one. In late 1993 when I published the original page, there were less than 1000 web sites on the internet. The number of web sites at the end of 1993 was reported to be 623, but in those days it was common that a site would not have have it’s own domain name, so the actual number of web pages was probably somewhat higher.

As of May 2012, there were over 600 million sites, with over 200 million active servers. Things have changed a bit. As of May 2012, 10% of all page views worldwide are done on mobile devices according to statcounter.

Back in the 1990’s, the desk potatoes hoped for rainy days so we wouldn’t be bugged about going outside. Now that is not as much of an issue.

So if you think you are becoming a tech potato… you are not alone.

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