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Why is TechPotato.ca here?

Some people embrace technology because they want to. They absorb new technologies and incorporate it into their lives with ease. They rarely need to read the manuals, and can usually pick up a new technology and connect it to their world.

Unfortunately, the people who design, manufacture, and sell new technology are picked from this crop.  They create features and interfaces that are “discoverable”, under the mistaken assumption that when things don’t work as expected, users will happily explore and find how to make them work on their own.

Despite what the name might imply, this site is not written for people who are totally into technology and hold their breath for the next “big” tech item. Those people know where to turn when they are stuck, and usually see tech developments as they are developing.

This site is dedicated to all people who are surrounded by technology and it overtakes our lives. When it goes awry, it can be frustrating.

As technology gets embedded more and deeper into everyone’s lives, people have greater dependency on technology that they understand less and less. To make things worse, so much advice is written by people who come from a technical background or a corporate IT background and don’t really understand how people see things. Unfortunately, the people who really understand how most people react to technology often have an agenda of deceit.

Arthur C. Clark said that any sufficiently advanced technology is virtually indistinguishable from magic.  Over the nearly forty years I have been helping people with technology I have seen the way people really react to new technology, both the tech-lovers who dive deeply into every aspect to a new technology and people who simply adopt useful (or essential) technology into their lives.

My hope is to share some of what I see, in the hope it will be a help (or warning) to others who may pass.





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