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Home PC How to Skip the Windows 10 or (Windows 8) Login (No Password Required)

How to Skip the Windows 10 or (Windows 8) Login (No Password Required)

no-windows8-loginNote: These instructions are for Windows 8, but they work for Windows 7, Vista, and even Windows XP  to make them start-up without a password as well. On those other operating systems, the Windows key by itself brings up the menu, and you might be able to just skip to step 7.


Many people ask me how to make their PC more like a Mac, so it just starts to the desktop without requiring a password. You may have found this elsewhere on the web, then couldn’t get it to work.  It seems that an update to Windows 8 caused a glitch in the security policies. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Press Windows-X to bring up the menu
2. Select Control Panel
3. Click User Accounts and Family Safety
4. Click User Accounts
5. If your security policies are non-standard you will see a link “Reset Security Policies” at the bottom of the left column. If the security policies are default you will not see this link. Click Reset Security Policies
6. You will see a confirmation box.
7. Press Windows-R
8. Type control userpasswords2 <enter>
9. The check box should be there, uncheck the box and select your login information
10. Note that it now defaults to your local account – if you login with a Microsoft account don’t forget to enter that email address in the user name.

When you restart the computer it should go straight into windows from now on.

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