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The Tech Potato Now Has a Pebble


It seems like over a year ago that I decided to fund the Pebble Smart Watch on Kickstarter (Oh wait… It was!). I made the choice to pick what appeared to be the flagship colour: “Cherry Red”. Having spent many years doing product engineering, I never expected the Pebbles to actually start shipping at the original estimated date of September 2012, especially when the huge success of the funding moved it to mass production and added capabilities.

Pebbles actually started shipping in February 2013, but only in black. Production of the colour pebbles turned out to be more challenging than the folks at Pebble expected. They even started offering to let people switch their colour choice to black. Nope… I would hang on.

After all, the Pebble still doesn’t support the one function really want: Volume. Why do I want volume? So I can use my Pebble as a remote camera shutter control for my iPhone. The volume button will take a picture.

Yesterday, May 22, 2013 it finally came – my Cherry Red Pebble finally arrived.


Upon opening the box, I realized that it was worth the wait.


It’s nice that it comes with a charge so that you can read the instructions and get started right away.


I immediately set about downloading watch faces from mypebblefaces.com, and started experimenting with sending messages to my Pebble. More about that later. Oh yes, and editing the Tech Potato image to put the Pebble where it belongs. On the Tech Potato’s wrist.


I am glad they took their time to get it right. The build quality is superb and the colour and feel is better than I expected. Funny, iOS still has issues with it. I guess that the “It just works” motto doesn’t apply to Bluetooth notifications. It’s the first time I wished I had an Android phone.

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  1. Κ Τ

    I am finally getting a Pebble as well, although i had initially underestimated the 3rd party support it would attract. Waiting for mine to come.

    If you like, you can see my smartwatch history so far, here: