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The Travelling Tech Potato

cruise ship sailing off into the distanceTravelling with your tech can provide you with enormous benefits, but at the same time poses significant challenges. This is especially true if you are travelling outside of your home region, to areas where data and cell connections are either prohibitively expensive or not available at all.

Over the course of the next several weeks I will be documenting my research and experiences as I prepare for and travel through the US then on a cruise through the Caribbean, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico then through the US back to Canada. I hope that what I have learned will help you to get the most of their tech on your next vacation.

Before my trip, along the way, and afterwards I will be using as much tech as possible (um… nothing new about that) to see what helps and what hurts. I will be using Windows and Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablets (HP Touchpads running ICS), plus the usual assortment of cameras and gadgets (sorry, no Pebble, unless there is a miracle… I made the mistake of choosing a red one).

Return here to follow the series or follow @TechPotato on twitter for updates.

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